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Summarize YouTube Videos

Summarize YouTube Videos

Transcribe and Translate Voice Messages

Transcribe and Translate Voice Messages

Schedule Reminders

Schedule Reminders

With 100+ Trillion machine Learning Parameters, the Features Are Infinite

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Olivier Johnson
Five star rating
Ava is like an extension of my brain, a sparring partner at my fingertips, for anything I need help with, wether it's digesting a book or a challenge at work.
Maria Miller
Five star rating
I have been using Ava to become more mindful, help me journal and understand my emotions better. It's similar (but better) than texting with a psychologist. Also a life savior for cooking recipes!
Nick Adair
Five star rating
It's like having the smartest full-time assistant, for a fraction of the cost, with immediate response time. Right in my favorite messaging app (WhatsApp).

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